“It’s a sort of populism—why can’t ordinary people get the cleverness, because then we can all be elites? It’s that argument about socialism which says there’s nothing wrong with having champagne. I want everyone to have champagne. I want everyone to enjoy the clever things that people do. What I loathe are those who try and keep them secret, and use them as a way of proving that they’re clever.”
In Conversation with Adam Curtis, Part I

“[Michel Foucault] was a great friend to me and his other friends. I know he was very forbidding to the public. You read about all the drugs and the sex, which was part of him, but it’s kind of an external portrait, trying to make him into a Nietzschean man. He was also a very sweet, domestic person, a wonderful cook. He and his boyfriend grew tomatoes in between their marijuana plants.”
Richard Sennett: ‘Big society? It’s to keep the bankers happy … ‘

“There was a guy who was a great wing shot on a quail hunt in Georgia. He killed everything he saw, he dropped ‘em all morning. One of the other guys said, ‘You’re the best wing shot I’ve ever seen.’ At lunch the guy asked him, ‘Do you shoot with one eye open or both?’ He paused and thought about it. Finally he said, ‘I don’t know.’”
Cormac McCarthy on the Santa Fe Institute’s Brainy Halls

“Nobody has to apologize for studying The Wire.”
A Conversation with Fredric Jameson

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